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The Gays group picture

The Gays

[ Join Group ︱ Bulletin Board ︱ Group Forum ︱ Edit Group ︱ View Members ︱ Mods ︱ Banned ︱ Leave Group ] The Gays have arrived. Welcome to the 1st Gay and Lesbian SpaceHey Group. Check out The Forum fo...

420cuties group picture


A group for all the 420 friendly peeps!  EVERYONE IS WELCOME.  Prefered 18+. Keep it tame, and as always be kind!  We are an open minded, accepting community!  No sales and No asking for money! ❤️ All...

Therians of Spacehey! group picture

Therians of Spacehey!

Welcome to the Therians of Spacehey group!  I'm FqWNz, the founder of the group! If you have any questions, feel free to send me an IM! This group is welcome to all! Therians, otherkin, and those who ...

C's Safe Space <3 group picture

C's Safe Space <3

Just a nice place to talk & make new friends! Welcome to talk as much as you want about the things you like, special interests, hyperfixations, stress in your life, etc. Feel free to promote whatever ...

Monster Energy Gremlins  group picture

Monster Energy Gremlins

Were all gay and have mental issues  Drink Monster Energy and commit arson/j

Mental Health Warriors group picture

Mental Health Warriors

For those who suffer from or those that love someone who suffer from mental illness. Were all just trying to survive, let's be kind to one another. ❤️

Alternative Subcultures group picture

Alternative Subcultures

Welcome! All Goths, Emos, Punks, Cyber-goths, Industrialists, and more! A online group for alternative subcultures included but not limited to goth punk emo scene industrial cyber cypherpunk

Puro trastornado y gay at... group picture

Puro trastornado y gay atrapado en latam

Te consideras una persona trastornada con falta de amigos y aparte gay y APAAARTE eres de latam?  Venid y osar de una bella comunidad de anexados. No entran personas con facultades mentales dañadas o ...

Neurodivergent Folks of S... group picture

Neurodivergent Folks of Spacehey

this group is for neurodivergent users only! 

trans group picture


group for really hot people

Autism Community group picture

Autism Community

Welcome to Space Hey's autism community! Our group is a space for autistic people to chat with other autistic people. Rules No bullying and/or harassment. This includes, but is not limited to: insults...

Kin Hangout group picture

Kin Hangout

A group for otherkin and fictionkin! Therians, dragconics, otherhearted, copinglinkers, and other alterhumans are also allowed! you can discuss whatever here ^-^ Rules! -be respectful! -please no kin ...

Socially awkward people group picture

Socially awkward people

That's get through this together, as socially awkward people. 😅 Maybe you have social anxiety that makes it hard to talk to other people. Just remember that we are all in this together. 🤲

I HATE Facebook group picture

I HATE Facebook

Welcome to "I HATE Facebook!". . . This group is for people who f***ing HATE Facebook Inc/Mark Zuckerberg. Sharing your hatred of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or any other Facebook Inc product and mo...

butterflies of ana. group picture

butterflies of ana.

a safespace for anyone with ana (anorexia). share your diets, workout routines, blogs etc... n just socialize w/ ur fellow butterflies >_ < note: i am not trying to romanticize/praise or show ana in a...

Modern day Witches group picture

Modern day Witches

A group where witches and other spiritual people can come together and share their knowledge of the occult. We welcome all practices and all experience levels.

Systems, Multiples, Plura... group picture

Systems, Multiples, Plurals, and More

Spacehey's group for all things plural- including dissociative identity disorder, endogenic, gateway, soulbonding, tulpamancy, daemonism - all systems and various parts of the more than one phenomenon...

True Crime True Horror Li... group picture

True Crime True Horror Life is Terrifying

Life is Terrifying, let’s talk about it!  Do you love podcasts, documentaries, books, and discussions on all things F***** up… but also real AF? If the answer is yes, this is the place for you!  Pleas...

Bisexual group picture


A group only for people who are bisexual

✭ Göre ✭ group picture

✭ Göre ✭

don’t think this is allowed but going to post gore content and anything else along those lines, this is for all you sick people such as myself:)

Gen Z group picture

Gen Z

Group for Gen Z on SpaceHey, SpaceHey is mainly Millennial+ so I made this as a way for Gen Z can connect on here, yuh, that's it introduce urself or whatever lol

SpaceHey Plurality group picture

SpaceHey Plurality

Welcome to SpaceHey Plurality ! This group is the one-stop location for all of your needs for all forms of plurality. (From DID to OSDD, fictives to factives, median systems to gateway systems, trauma...

Disability Friend Group group picture

Disability Friend Group

Hey everyone! This space is for any and all Disabled Friends of Space Hey!  All Disabilities welcome- no discriminatory behavior between physical/mental disabilities allowed. Let's create a sense of c...

gay group group picture

gay group

join if ur gay

SFW Little Space group picture

SFW Little Space

🧸 Rules: → Do not post not safe for work content in the group! → Make sure that everyone feels safe!