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sc3mo k1dz!! group picture

sc3mo k1dz!!

a group 4 all things scene and emo!!! ~ xD any age can join, just dont b creepy ofc!!! 

Teen chat group picture

Teen chat

Teens only (that would be 13-19 year olds.) It doesn't matter what your ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, religion and etc is. AS LONG as you're a teen! JUST be nice here! Cool peopl...

Furries of SpaceHey group picture

Furries of SpaceHey

A group for all the furries of SpaceHey to hang out! :D Join the  Discord server! But first, some rules; 1. NO BIGOTRY There will be zero tolerance for any bigotry toward, but not limited to, age, gen...

spacehey latam group picture

spacehey latam

cansado de no encontrar a nadie que hable español en spacehey y no entender ni vergas de ingles? cansado de que todos los grupos de habla española estén inactivos desde hace meses?  perfecto, porque e...

creepypasta fans  group picture

creepypasta fans

reminiscent of the 2000s, a group dedicated to present or retired creepypasta fans!

LGBTQ+ Scene group picture

LGBTQ+ Scene

This is a group for the LGBTQ+ community

spacehey español!! group picture

spacehey español!!

  ¿Entraste a spacehey y pensaste que todo el mundo hablaba inglés? ¿Te gustaría conocer gente que hable español? Pues este es el grupo ideal para ti

autistics group picture


group for cute autistic people to join!   safe space for all autistics (PLEASE DO NOT JOIN IF YOU ARE ALLISTIC) come in and have a good time :)  kill cringe culture BASIC RULES: - be respectful of eve...

LGBT+ Group group picture

LGBT+ Group

THIS GROUP IS 18+ ONLY hello!!! welcome to the LGBT+ Spacehey group :3 moving over from the biggest thread on spacehey!!  feel free to introduce yourself, say hello, and meet friends!!! 

tonotos! group picture


Esta es una comunidad para gente de LATAM solo español

Gothic and Alternative Co... group picture

Gothic and Alternative Community

So...a Facebook friend of mine manages a Goth group on there so when I found this feature existed and no one else had done it, I wanted to give it a try. So I'll quickly go through the group rules - a...

The Gothic Corner group picture

The Gothic Corner

I made this group for goths/punks/alternatives of all ages, from the Baby Bats to Elders.  This will be a political/social agenda free zone.  I want fellow darklings to come here and socialize, clothi...

Safe space for trans ppl ... group picture

Safe space for trans ppl ヾ(☆▽☆)

Hello there I've created this group for all trans people/non binary people! ( ˘ ³˘)❤  Rules:  NO HOMOPHOBIA  No sexism  No NSFW stuff Please be polite/nice  If you're having a problem with someone ple...

POV: Your native language... group picture

POV: Your native language ain’t english

Do you think you are the only native spanish speaker on Spacehey? WELL ESTAS EQUIVOCADO. Yo habló español, las personas que estan en el grupo hablan español (si es que llega a tener integrantes aparte...

tired teenagers group picture

tired teenagers

Basically a space for teens to hangout online ig

The 18+ Club group picture

The 18+ Club

Welcome the The 18+ Club , the  place to be if you're over 18 years of age! The rules are simple: Be 18 years old or older. Treat others with respect. Do not air your dirty laundry here. In joining th...

heyspace agere community!... group picture

heyspace agere community!!

hello welcome to the heyspace agere community!! agere, also referred to as age regression, is a coping mechanism many use to deal with trauma, daily stress, personal needs, or just for fun!! agere is ...

anti-social teens XD group picture

anti-social teens XD

a group 4 ppl who maybe new 2 spacehey and struggling to find new people or justeveryone in general who maybe isnt the best at being social ! i myself have recently started spacehey and dont know wher...

Cringe culture is dead!!!... group picture

Cringe culture is dead!!!!

This group is for all the people that are considered cringe by all those stupid people that think that cringe culture is not dead xD Emo's, Therians, Furries, Creepypasta fans, cartoon watchers, gacha...

SC3Ne/ Em0 LATAM group picture


Hola, cree este grupo para scene/emo's de LATAM.  presentación obligatoria Temas: Musica libros series redes sociales peliculas memes polemicas informacion Aun esta en proceso este grupo 

GirlBoss Nation group picture

GirlBoss Nation

Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss.

Vent Refuge group picture

Vent Refuge

"girl help the vent app is dying" the humble group of spacehey containing people escaping Vent's downfall 💧 (Vent: a simple social media app used to share feelings and connect with others, which is no...

90s Kids group picture

90s Kids

If you remember Freakazoid, Johnny Bravo, and Air Bud, how does it feel that you're Retro now? To Join, you just have to be 22, or Turning 22 in 2021. That's the first requierment. The next is you hav...

Every day is halloween 🎃 group picture

Every day is halloween 🎃

This is a group for the horror lovers and Halloween lovers!! For people that feel Halloween is year round!!!🎃🎃💚

New Scene Kidz!! group picture

New Scene Kidz!!

WELCOME BACK 2 2005!! A group 4 all kindz of new scene kidz!! Come talk abt scene stuffz, fashion, music, aything related to the "scene kid" subculture!! SCENE WILL NEVA DIE!! RAWR XD!!