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The Rawring 20s! (2000s E... group picture

The Rawring 20s! (2000s Emo/Scene)

TO THE RAWRING 20S! The Rawring 20s is the SpaceHey version of a well known 2000's alternative nostalgia Facebook group! Here you can join to talk about memories of your emo/scene/goth teen years and ...

EMO'S NOT DEAD group picture


Emo will never die. rawr MYSPACE IS BACK!!! EMO'S NOT DEAD is an extension of the Facebook Group of the same name. We are a community of nostalgic people reminiscing about the past, talking about musi...

Metalheads group picture


A group for people who love metal music!

mcr fans!!!! group picture

mcr fans!!!!

welcome! this is basically a place to talk about stuff relating to the band with fellow MCR fans :D rules: pls be respectful to others dont be racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic waycest shippers ...

discover new music ♥ group picture

discover new music ♥

hey, you! are you a music lover of any kind who loves expanding their taste? if so, this is the group for you!! ^^ starting today, i will post weekly album/song/artist recommendations, and the zero  m...

kpop stans! <3 group picture

kpop stans! <3

*NO ANTIS OR STARTING OF FAN WARS* . safe place for all kpop stans

80's lovers group picture

80's lovers

A group where you can share videos, memories and photos about one of the most interesting decade of all times, from 1980 to 1989!

♱ LANA DEL REY ♱ group picture


join if u luv lana ❦ 

♥Music Lovers❤  - AltScen... group picture

♥Music Lovers❤ - AltSceneEmoMetalPunk

Genres such as emo, punk, metal, pop punk, metalcore, post-hardcore, alternative rock, alternative metal, nu metal, trap metal, emo rap, rave music, dubstep, hyperpop, happy hardcore, and many many mo...

playlist sharing group picture

playlist sharing

This is a group for sharing playlists all music tastes are welcome

nu metal group picture

nu metal

join if you listen to nu metal

Music enthusiasts and art... group picture

Music enthusiasts and artists

This is a group for music fans, musicians and bands. Rules: Free feel to share links or talk about music. Bullying, spam, racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism, creepy behavior, discriminat...

DIY or DIE (punk fan club... group picture

DIY or DIE (punk fan club)

A place for Punk rock, Pop Punk, & Any other Subgenre Fans, To talk about music, Fashion, & The Subculture. As well as Make Friends. Non-Punks Welcome. Rules: No cops, No Trumpies, No Conservatives, &...

My Chemical Romance fans group picture

My Chemical Romance fans

Hey, welcome to this group. If you like My Chemical Romance, be free of join to this group. You can post anything related the band. RULES No gore.  No porn. Don´t harass other members. Don´t be bully....

Tokio Hotel Fans group picture

Tokio Hotel Fans

☆ Hey hey! This group is for fans of the band Tokio Hotel, everyone is welcome. Feel free to join and check it out 🎶 ☆

GOTH group picture


numetal!!! group picture


hi!!!! if you enjoy numetal music such as deftones, korn, slipknot, linkin park, limp bizkit, soad, etc then join!!! we can talk about music and show eachother songs we like!! :) RULES -  must respect...

lemon demon fan group!! group picture

lemon demon fan group!!

this group is for lemon demon fans like me!! you can join if you just like neil and his work too :] only rulez are DO NOT!! sexualize neil or treat him like he is fictional. etc. Neil's Boundaries ok ...

Black Metal group picture

Black Metal

fans of black metal (black metalheads) of any genre such as: black metal: symphonic black metal, epic black metal, raw black metal, black/death metal, gothic black metal, BSDM, NSBM, atmospheric black...

Down With The Clown group picture

Down With The Clown

Welcome to "Down With The Clown" this group is for fans of the Horrorcore Hip Hop group the Insane Clown Posse (ICP). In this group you can discuss your favorite/least favorite albums. You can also ta...

Synthwave group picture


Here is a place to discover and share Synthwave/Retrowave/Outrun/Vaporwave of pretty much any kind. Show us what you love and take a look at what else is out there. you might just find your next favou...

Vocalsynths group picture


A group for fans & users of singing voice synthesizers! VOCALOID, UTAU, CeVIO, SynthV, DeepVocal, NIAONiao, NEUTRINO, Sinsy, X-Studio Singer... whichever you prefer, you're welcome here! (Related spee...

Nirvana Fans group picture

Nirvana Fans

All Nirvana fans are welcome besides bigot asshole who deserve to have their face stomped in and conspiracy theorists who think Kurt didn't blow his brains out. Feel free to join and talk Nirvana or j...

Vkei Fans group picture

Vkei Fans

/𝕷𝖎𝖔𝖓𝖟 Hello and welcome to all Visual Kei fans on SpaceHey! I decided to try and make an active group surrounding Visual Kei and other darker-themed J-fashion subcultures, since there are barely any ...

Electronic Music group picture

Electronic Music

Hey what up! Welcome to the first electronic music group on SpaceHey! The point of this group is to share EDM with one another, as well as showing off concerts and events we have been to. Share your o...