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Reclaiming the Internet group picture

Reclaiming the Internet

Join the Yesterweb discord server! This group is for people who are sick of modern social media algorithms and miss the days when the web wasn't so centralized. Read more . It's not just you, the inte...

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Click Image Below To See All Profile IDs   *** Test Coding In Real Time Before Applying To Your Profile *** Changing Background Colors  & Adding Background Images: - Main - Profile - Top - Top Nav Lin...

MySpace93 Fwiends group picture

MySpace93 Fwiends

MySpace93 has been down since 6/29/21. This is a landing ground for the 80,000+ MS93 refugees. Let's regroup, recover, and thrive in this new land! (Regular SpaceHey users are welcome to join)

Internet Mysteries group picture

Internet Mysteries

We're a group dedicated to uncovering the strange and mysteries sites, things found throughout the world wide web. Come and join us! :)

Cybersecurity and Network... group picture

Cybersecurity and Networking

Welcome! to the cybersecurity and Networking Group A group to discuss all thing cybersecurity and networking related. We discuss privacy cybersecurity operational security networking security vulnerab...

Neocities group picture


A group for Neocities users. You can share your site here, post about anything related to neocities, or just chat.

Da Slop Pit group picture

Da Slop Pit

Straight out the hot bar ( ゚ー゚) ( 。_。)( ゚ー゚) ( 。_。)( ゚ー゚) ( 。_。) ( ゚ー゚) ( 。_。)( ゚ー゚) ( 。_。)( ゚ー゚) ( 。_。) ( ゚ー゚) ( 。_。)( ゚ー゚) ( 。_。)( ゚ー゚) ( 。_。) ᅠ̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿  ̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿...

arch btw group picture

arch btw

This is a group for Linux, BSD and other Unix and Unix-like users (but mostly Linux) to talk about which slightly different distro is better than the others. BTW did you know I use Arch? RULES Be nice...

Python group picture


This is a group for Python developers.

Retro Computers group picture

Retro Computers

Programming/Coding/Develo... group picture


Hello! This is a group for programmers, developers, and coders! Here you can, ask for help with programming or coding, talk about programming or tech, connect with people which have the same interests...

GNU/Linux group picture


A Group for all things related to GNU like GNU/Linux :)

2600: The Hacker Quarterl... group picture

2600: The Hacker Quarterly

If you read 2600, are interested in 2600, go to 2600 meetings, write for 2600, wish 2600 would publish your work, hate 2600, wrap fish in 2600, raided 2600 at Pentagon City Mall, hang out in #2600, ge...

Frontend | HTML, CSS, Jav... group picture

Frontend | HTML, CSS, JavaScript

20 degenerates group picture degenerates

below you is the bottom of the iceberg. the source of all things chaotic on spacehey. avert your eyes, innocents. get on  SLINK.CHAT , go to WORLD CHAT This is the general (unofficial) group and gener...

Old School Windows group picture

Old School Windows

A group for remembering and reminiscing on older versions of Microsoft Windows.

19 group picture

WORLDSMASTER > Welcome to Worlds! Worlds Chat is an online virtual 3D chat program developed by Worlds Inc in the late 90's which is still around to this day. Visit the wiki for more info! kiwi

teenage hackers  👨‍💻 group picture

teenage hackers 👨‍💻

Basically, a group for teenagers who are interested/are hackers, we can share our knowledge, resources, and courses to help each other learn. EVERYTHING MUST BE ETHICAL!

The web programmers group picture

The web programmers

Welcome to the web programmers group. Web dev enthusiasts welcome =)

Piracy group picture


subscriptions for creative products? paying for an operating system? giving money to do literally anything on the internet? no waaaaaaaaaaaaay, dude.

The Duckduckgoers group picture

The Duckduckgoers

Group based on the radical search engine, DuckDuckGo. !!!Page Under Construction!!!

Peelopaalu group picture


Peelopaalu is a web directory of obscure and interesting websites I find in my travels around the internet! Find something neat on the directory that you want to discuss in more depth? Wanna suggest a...

MSN gang group picture

MSN gang

A place for users of the Escargot Windows Live Messenger Client to share their contacts and make friends! (we are NOT an official Escargot group)

Technomancers Guild group picture

Technomancers Guild

Technomancy: the magic of using technology. This is a group for all those hackers, nerds, computer enthusiasts to come together, chat, and have a good time. It is also a group for n00bs and the new fo...

the public crazy  group picture

the public crazy