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Spacehey Leftists  group picture

Spacehey Leftists

Leftists of all color, creeds, and denominations welcome as long as you’re actually left 😁 For political discussion, news & updates, or just plain chatting with like minded people 👯

alpha chad male wolf depr... group picture

alpha chad male wolf depression

alpha chad male wolf depression If you share this group with friends and report to Lorraine she will make you a moderator do this enough and she will make you an admin official moto (made by X3n0) ALP...

Anarchism 101 group picture

Anarchism 101

A place to gain an understanding of and discussion about the complex and nuanced socio-political philosophy that is Anarchism

Actual Communism group picture

Actual Communism

Anarchy (the cool kind) group picture

Anarchy (the cool kind)

a group for like minded anarchists to discuss things 

The_Leftistzz group picture


!!WELCOME COMRADE!! !!TO OUR LEFTIST GROUP!! !!Thiz group aims to be a safe space for every Leftist on spacehey where we can all discuss topics and shit on any Capitalist bootlickers!! !!RULEZ!! 1.Be ...

Left vs Right group picture

Left vs Right

You argue about politics.  No reporting. Be civilized adults.

Trump group picture


Democratic Socialists group picture

Democratic Socialists

The Democratic Socialists of America are a political party and movement Join our group today learn more about the DSA here Good luck, have fun!

Conservative Renaissance group picture

Conservative Renaissance

The Conservative Renaissance is all about restoring the Conservative Consensus to it's roots. Conservatives today have made jokes of themselves, perverting the true values of Tradition and Morals. Pro...

Micronations group picture


Micronations Welcome to the spacehey Micronations group! Interact with fellow Micronationalists and learn more about the hobby!  What is a Micronation? a micronation  is a political entity whose membe...

Communist Party USA group picture

Communist Party USA

Support the Center for Political Innovation at, and tell em that the CPUSA spacehey division sentcha.

ProGuns group picture


Group for people from across the political spectrum that believe in the civilian right to bear arms. Discussions about gun rights, gun politics, spreading awareness for new bills that would limit gun ...

Feminism <3 group picture

Feminism <3

This is a group for feminists of all backgrounds to share opinions and discuss topics! Radfems, Intersectional Feminists and Marxfems Welcome! Libfems are welcome to discuss but this is a space for mo...

Free Tibet  group picture

Free Tibet

For anyone who wants a free Tibet or believes in a free Tibet.  Common people let’s help teach other out and save Tibet.   

Safety-Jeans! group picture


hi! we're safetyjeans! we let you know when somethings up, so that your jeans stay clean! (FROM GRASS STAINS.) tags! DISTRACTION TALKING IDEAS RANDOM and yea i made the group icon i love it sm

True Crime Talk group picture

True Crime Talk

A group discussing any old, cold or band new true crime cases but be civil and respectful!

Laissez Faire Capitalism group picture

Laissez Faire Capitalism

A group for proponents of the only fair political system that promotes growth for each and every individual, and for the human kind. For us who believe that government and economy should be separated,...

LET’S GO BRANDON group picture



ben shapiro x sans shippe... group picture

ben shapiro x sans shippers

Rightwing group picture


This is a group for rightwinged individuals that are a minority in spacehey's highly leftwing ideologies and political stance. If you are leftwing, do not join, this is not for you. Rules only applied...

Spacehey Democrats and Pr... group picture

Spacehey Democrats and Progressives

Revolutionary Front of Sp... group picture

Revolutionary Front of Spacehey

The people are being exploited by the capitalist class and its our duty to organize and make change.

Spacehey commies group picture

Spacehey commies

A place for left leaning people to talk/ vent and avoid being banned by Facebook's leftist-hating ai.  Just be respectful 🙏 

4chan or /mlpol/ for spac... group picture

4chan or /mlpol/ for spacehey

Welcome  We are trying to get the audience of 4chan,/mlpol/ feel free to join if you aren't that audience Now here are the rules [copied from /mlpol/ ] 1.- When in doubt, lurk moar. 2.- Praise America...