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Positive social movements group picture

Positive social movements

This group is for supporting POSITIVE social movements, that are powered by love. ❤️ For example, I believe in GIRLPOWER, BLM, STOP ASIAN HATE and LOVE IS LOVE! ❤️✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿🏳️‍🌈

Anarchism 101 group picture

Anarchism 101

A place to gain an understanding of and discussion about the complex and nuanced socio-political philosophy that is Anarchism

Free Tibet  group picture

Free Tibet

For anyone who wants a free Tibet or believes in a free Tibet.  Common people let’s help teach other out and save Tibet.   

Left vs Right group picture

Left vs Right

You argue about politics.  No reporting. Be civilized adults.

The Patriots Awakening  group picture

The Patriots Awakening

libertarians group democr... group picture

libertarians group democrats and republicans and progressives group to chat on issues.

Laissez Faire Capitalism group picture

Laissez Faire Capitalism

A group for proponents of the only fair political system that promotes growth for each and every individual, and for the human kind. For us who believe that government and economy should be separated,...

Democratic Socialists group picture

Democratic Socialists

The Democratic Socialists of America are a political party and movement Join our group today learn more about the DSA here Good luck, have fun!

American Flag group picture

American Flag

Cancel Changing the American Flag and National Anthem, as these are a part of our nation. By allowing this, you will effectively erase our history and our nation. Stop pandering to the Gen Z generatio...

Spacehey Republic group picture

Spacehey Republic

Spacehey Republic is the first Mock Government on Spacehey founded on the 30th July 2021. It works by the following system - Bulletin Boards will be set up for Political Party Creation and for Spacehe...

Democrats group group picture

Democrats group

CPS Corruption group picture

CPS Corruption

Spacehey Democrats and Pr... group picture

Spacehey Democrats and Progressives

True Crime Community! group picture

True Crime Community!

Templar Knights True Crim... group picture

Templar Knights True Crime

I made this group so people can talk about anything true crime related. Feel free to talk about your favorite serial killers, shooters, bombers etc.We won't judge you, just don't condone or you'll att...

the island of darwin surv... group picture

the island of darwin survivors

Vaushposting group picture


GC reddit refugees group picture

GC reddit refugees

this is a group designed to help provide a cis woman space.  free speech friendly and docutments tims :D

Leftists and Progressives... group picture

Leftists and Progressives group

Environmentalist group group picture

Environmentalist group

BreadTube Group group picture

BreadTube Group