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Single and mingling adult... group picture

Single and mingling adults 💔 🩹

This group is for singles who are 18+ , whether you are looking for a one night stand or a comitted and serious relationship ending in marriage, or anything in between. I only ask that you are kind an...

BI world group picture

BI world

Bi world is for all those people out there who are Bi sexual so you can hang out and talk with others maybe find a match for you hope to see and read your posts soon.

Relationships/Dating/Sex ... group picture

Relationships/Dating/Sex Life

This is a group where we talk about about sex relationships and dating. Do not be afraid and do not be ashamed. Ask whatever you’d like and say whatever you would like ❤️💋

Black Lesbians Meet  group picture

Black Lesbians Meet

LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈  group picture

LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈

Aces (asexual and aromantic) Beyond the Binary (gender identity) BiLions (bisexual, pansexual, fluid) Color Me Queer (students of color) WLW (women loving women)

BBW & SSBBW group picture


Hey this is for the plus size people whether you’re male, female, gay or straight 

emo scene dating group picture

emo scene dating

daddy club group picture

daddy club

date and cute 

Die hard romantics?! group picture

Die hard romantics?!

Y'all ever just wanna discuss topics that are hard to explain about your fucked up love lives? Got a complicated relationship? Talk about it. Got a great relationship you want to express to whoever? S...

Mental Health & Relations... group picture

Mental Health & Relationships

A group discussing the challenges of managing mental health and relationships in 2021. Feel free to add your pov or lend some advice to help someone out!

DD/lg (sans ageplay) group picture

DD/lg (sans ageplay)

Just a place for people into the DDlg side of D/s that aren't into age play.

Daddy’s,Mommy’s And the l... group picture

Daddy’s,Mommy’s And the lil’s Who Love Them

This group is for adult men and women 21+ that are Doms(Dommes)and babygirls to talk interact and post pictures of many kinds not including nudes. Feel free to like and enjoy. This is a D/s lifestyle ...

Girls Want Girls group picture

Girls Want Girls

So lesbian that I can't think straight. ;)

Self care <3 group picture

Self care <3

I’ve made this group for those that either have given up on looking for a relationship for the time being or just enjoy being single, either way friends like me are always here to talk to, listen to, ...

erp group picture


I want to stretch your open 🙄

Married, But Mingling group picture

Married, But Mingling

Poly life style group picture

Poly life style

This is a group for people interested in being poly,thinking bout being poly or just curious bout it 

Councilhey group picture


irl yanderes :3 group picture

irl yanderes :3

A safe space on spacehey for irl yanderes / darlings. Please remember to follow spacehey's rules ! 

selfship safe space!! <3 group picture

selfship safe space!! <3

a place for all fiction lovers to unite!! p3dos dni. (if you're uncomfortable sharing your f/os, please just do not interact with posts with people sharing about them. no need to start unnecessary dra...

down BAD group picture

down BAD

This group for those of us on here who are down BAD. Judging from some yall profiles I expect it should be popular lmao. JUDGMENT FREE ZONE post have fun and most importantly fuck the police (proverbi...

ghostface  group picture


safe place 4 people apart of the ddlg or bdsm community! soft and hard kinks, pls b 18+ b4 joining pls!! NO MInOrS!! 

Among us Facts group picture

Among us Facts


Marriage Talk group picture

Marriage Talk

This group is aimed to be a source of encouragement and assistance for married or engaged people! The experience of marriage is so unique and it can be a beautiful experience. Share here, get advice, ...

Private Premium XXX group picture

Private Premium XXX