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Roblox Developers group picture

Roblox Developers

A group for Roblox Developers! 

Youtube creators / Videos group picture

Youtube creators / Videos

Only post YouTube links in this group. Use this group to promote or find the best YouTube content. Share and promote videos you have created or find videos from YouTube creators.

Healthcare Workers  group picture

Healthcare Workers

SPACEHEY HEALTHCARE WORKERS SpaceHey finally has a group for healthcare workers to congregate! Healthcare workers can all include everyone from Surgeons, to RNs, Specialists, to Receptionists,  Lab Te...

Filmmaking 101 group picture

Filmmaking 101

Filmmaking 101 the place to come and learn about filmmaking and help others. Get involved in projects and seek out talent to help you on set.

Modeling group picture


I would like to meet other models who could understand at least one part of my life. And if you or a relative are interesting in becoming a model, then questions can be answered here! ๐Ÿ‘

Marine biology group picture

Marine biology

A group for current and aspiring marine biologists, biologists, and nature enthusiasts

Let’s make MONEY ๐Ÿ’ฐ  group picture

Let’s make MONEY ๐Ÿ’ฐ

Teachers group picture


Are you a teacher? Do you want to be a teacher? Join this group!

Casting Calls group picture

Casting Calls

Are you an actor looking for work? Are you a movie casting director? Do you need actors? Here is the group for you!

Herbalist of Spacehey group picture

Herbalist of Spacehey

Cool space for anyone interested in holistic health, natural medicine, herbalism ect ect no matter if its just a hobby, your career, or special interest :)) lets learn together! 

MakeMoneyOnline group picture


This is a group about making extra side money online. Most of these opportunities are totally free (some are only $5-10 startup cost ). I work with daily paying apps and sites. A lot of companies pay ...

magic users group picture

magic users

group for all the sorcerers, warlocks, wizards, witches, apprentices and novices, masters and overlords that study and practice magic (joke group for fantasy enjoyers to play around with)

Digital Marketing group picture

Digital Marketing

This group is intended for Digital Marketers, Smma Owners and business owners. LET'S CONNECT AND HELP EACH OTHER GROW! ๐Ÿ‘

Whole sale vendor group  group picture

Whole sale vendor group

This group is for everyone to share and post there business โ€ผ๏ธ

business opportunity group picture

business opportunity

this group is made for all people looking to start a business or to promote a business.. no scams if you see a scam please let me know and i'll take care of it. Please do not try to recruit anyone fro...

Film Crew Calls group picture

Film Crew Calls

Are you a cinematographer? A director? A producer? An editor? A sound engineer? A production assistant? A Grip? Are you looking for crew for your upcoming movie project? Well here is the place for you...

Chemistry&Engineering group picture


"Chemistry&Engineering (C&E)" is a group which is created by a chemical engineer for chemists and chemical engineers. Probably first of its kind on SpaceHey. If you are interested, come in and talk ab...

Indie Film work and casti... group picture

Indie Film work and castings

Actors โœ… Crewโœ…Let’s work and build. Always looking for new faces and professional teams. Join this group. Introduce yourself and let us know what area you specialize in.  T’Don Films and Entertainment...

Retail Workers group picture

Retail Workers

For anyone in the retail world whether its Walmart, Aldis, Dollar General, you name it. 

vtuber HYPE group picture

vtuber HYPE

this is the [expected] one stop-shop for vtubers of all walks to congregate and be themselves - it doesn't have to be just [vtubers] up'n here neither, (because HYPE) so if you like vtubers too, you c...

Study Corner group picture

Study Corner

the great resignation 202... group picture

the great resignation 2020-2022

This group is for anyone who quit their job in 2020, 2021, or plans to quit their job in 2022. This group is also for people currently on strike.

Radio Broadcasting/Indust... group picture

Radio Broadcasting/Industry

A group for people who work in the broadcasting industry (primarily radio, but TV peeps are totally welcome) or who are interested in it as a whole. Important note for our talented colleagues across t...

Amazon Associates group picture

Amazon Associates

Hello! This group is for any Amazon Associates who love SpaceHey! 

Hairstylists of Spacehey group picture

Hairstylists of Spacehey