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Hello!, Roleplayers is a group for people to come together and post about role playing and their characters they rp with and also posting art ^^ Rules - don’t be a dick - no hate speech - Respect othe...

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Horror Writers Group

Back in the days of Myspace I ran what was the largest group for Horror writers on that platform. I met a lot of people there that I went on to work with and count as some of my dearest friends. This ...

poetry and such :3 group picture

poetry and such :3

A group where you can submit poetry and your own writings

writing prompts group picture

writing prompts

submit ideas for writing prompts here! it could be a prompt for poetry, short stories, journal entries, anything you wish! if you ever need inspiration, feel free to use prompts posted by others or ju...

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Creative writing

A group to talk about all aspects of creative writing.



Well... SOMEBODY had to make it. (Made 10/5/21) SUUUUPER under construction ♥ Be respectful and DONT harass people. Please use roleplay etiquette and internet etiquette! ♥ Roleplay as CHARACTERS, not ...

Global Authors and Writer... group picture

Global Authors and Writers

For all authors and writers who want to share their work and learn their craft in a positive and uplifting community. No edicts or manifestos on how you have to write, but certainly shared techniques,...

Young Poets group picture

Young Poets

This is a group for people under 18 who like to write poetry. You can also join if just like writing in general. This is a safe space to share or read poetry with young people who are like-minded. Ple...

shitposting like we shoul... group picture

shitposting like we should ;p

shitpost, cry, rant, let ur enemies have it, whatever you do is fine.. unless its fanfic ...........  pls not here... not the fanfic..

please love me at my wors... group picture

please love me at my worst

'please love me at my worst' is a safe place for everybody and anybody to simply let their emotions out throughout creative writing! All forms of writing are allowed, however not all genres. Please re...

:.  Doki Doki Literature ... group picture

:. Doki Doki Literature Club ♡

RULES  :・゚☆ ───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──── Disrespect Of Communities :( ::. Absolutely no racism, homophobia,   ableism, disrespect of religion etc. Hating on communities for being themselves isn't what we're here ...

The Roleplayers of Spaceh... group picture

The Roleplayers of Spacehey

Just a group for those that want to or have been roleplaying for a while! Hoping to find those that still desire to write with others yet have no others to write with.

WORD! Lyrics, Poetry & Cr... group picture

WORD! Lyrics, Poetry & Creative Writing

Kia Ora everybody, my name is Hoody Time and I'm a Cincinnati born, New Zealand based writer and musician. I started this group with the intention of creating a space for writers and artists to share ...

The Writing Community group picture

The Writing Community

A supportive community for all writers of various genres. Are you looking to make some friends, promote your projects, find community and feedback, and network amongst like-minded people? This is the ...

IBS group group picture

IBS group

talk about your IBS experiences here 

The Poets Society group picture

The Poets Society

Hey everyone, welcome to The Poets Society. some rules before we begin: No harassing or bullying people for their poetry, that goes against everything that poetry stands for. No racism, homophobia, tr...

Spacehey midnight society... group picture

Spacehey midnight society

Welcome to the meeting of the space hey midnight society, where you tell the macabre and frightening stories that are gory/scary/ haunting/ ghostly. That being said no NSFW or you deal with the boot 👢...

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Absurdism stuff. Post those kind of splendid, friendly happy things. Not to worry come on in and make me smile or perhaps even laugh in an uninhibited genuine fashion. It could be a spectacular moment...

2am Poets group picture

2am Poets

You can share your poetry -of any nature- here. Just throw it at your keyboard, and it can have a place on SpaceHey. Lets foster some art.

Poetry Appreciation group picture

Poetry Appreciation

A place to discuss the words that move you

incessant ramblers  group picture

incessant ramblers

a group to ramble about vague philosophies and gripes with life. not to wallow but just to ramble.

Romance Writers group picture

Romance Writers

This is a space for romance writers, including unpublished and published authors, to talk about their writing, get advice, support one another, maybe set up some chats or writing sprints, and cross-pr...

The Writers group picture

The Writers

A group for anyone who writes! Feel free to share your stories, stuff about your characters, and anything else you wanna talk about about. Anyways, have a great day :D

Private RP Group group picture

Private RP Group

//OOC: Trying out the idea of a private roleplaying group. Random users who find their way in here and join will be banned lol we'll see how this goes

Poets of SpaceHey group picture

Poets of SpaceHey

A place for all the poets of SpaceHey to share their works! If you’re looking to share, read, or find inspiration from, or discuss any kind of poetry this is the place for you. All forms of poetry and...