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Brasil 💚 group picture

Brasil 💚

Grupo destinado a todos os brasileirinhos e todas as brasileirinhas deste Brazil. Só pra gente ter um lugar pra se comunicar em pt br as vezes, é bom.  Regras: Respeitem tudo e todos, apenas.

Women’s Travel Club✈️ group picture

Women’s Travel Club✈️

A community for women who enjoy (or would like to start) traveling! Here we can share traveling tips, show/share travel destinations, plan meet ups, share vacation photos and more.

¡Argentinos aquí! group picture

¡Argentinos aquí!

Este grupo es para personas que viven en Argentina ahora, o son de Argentina, o ambos. ¡SEA AMABLE Y RESPETUOSO! ¡AQUÍ NO SE PERMITE NINGUNA DISCRIMINACIÓN O ACOSO DE NINGÚN TIPO!

Spanish people group picture

Spanish people

Este grupo es para personas que son de España o viven en España ahora. Todas las edades, etnias, orientaciones sexuales, etc. son bienvenidos aquí. ¡NO se permite discriminación o acoso de NINGÚN tipo...

Filipino people group picture

Filipino people

This group if for people that our either from the Philippines or live in the Philippines right now. Rules: NO homophobia, transphobia, sexual content, racism, sexism or discrimination and harrassment ...

Brazilian bitches  group picture

Brazilian bitches

   Este grupo é a prova de que em todo lugar que você vá, pelo menos um brasileiro vai estar lá.    This group is the proof that wherever you go, at least one Brazilian will be there.

NYC group picture


For folks who live and work in NYC to hang out, network, party, whatever!

Spacehey Portugal 🇵🇹 group picture

Spacehey Portugal 🇵🇹

Boas! Onde há gente, há tugas. É inevitável, e o Spacehey não é excepção. Juntem-se ao grupo, conheçam mais malta, queixem-se da vida, o que der na tola.

Texas group picture


✴ Official group for the state of Texas.

Commonwealth of Independe... group picture

Commonwealth of Independent States

Содружество Независимых Государств ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Это группа для тех, кто либо родился в СНГ, либо живет там на данный момент. Ее можно считать русскоязычной группой, хотя з...

SpaceHeyers in Ohio, USA group picture

SpaceHeyers in Ohio, USA

This group is for SpaceHey members who live in and/or are from Ohio, USA - the Buckeye State. Introduce yourself and start a topic in the Group Forum ! Have an Ohio-related announcement such as a comm...

Turk Grubu group picture

Turk Grubu

California group picture


✴ Official group for the state of California.

Germany Teens group picture

Germany Teens

A Group for people ONLY under 18, living (or moving) to Germany. Refrain from giving out exact addresses, detailed personal info, etc. Stay safe! ANYONE DISCOVERED TO BE OVER 18 WILL BE REMOVED. Eine ...

UK Members group picture

UK Members

Massachusetts group picture


✴ Official group for the state of Massachusetts.

Gruppo per Italiani  group picture

Gruppo per Italiani

Questo gruppo è per persone provenienti dall'Italia, o persone che ora vivono lì. Possiamo parlare sia inglese che italiano qui. L'unica regola è essere gentili. Non sono consentiti atti di bullismo, ...

space :) group picture

space :)

this is a group about space, stars, life on other planets, and stuff like that :)

Mexico group picture


Un grupo para los Mexicanos en Spacehey.

Europeans of SpaceHey! group picture

Europeans of SpaceHey!

Just a place for European SpaceHeyers to talk casually. :3

SpaceHey en Español group picture

SpaceHey en Español

Bienvenidos a todos a SpaceHey en Español, un grupo dedicado a los usuarios hispanohablantes de SpaceHey. Acá podremos discutir sobre temas variados en español como música, noticias, cine, gastronomía...

Puerto Ricans group picture

Puerto Ricans

This is a group for people who are either from Puerto Rico, live there now, or has family who lives there currently or is from there. NO bullying, harrassment, discrimination, etc. of ANY kind here! A...

New York group picture

New York

✴ Official group for the state of New York.

bucket list travel group picture

bucket list travel

Do you have a passion to travel the world? Connect with others who share your same passion! Where are some of the places you have to see before you die? Share photos, inspiration and conversation abou...

Michigan group picture


✴ Official group for the state of Michigan.