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Hello everyone — This is a Group for any kind of Feedback, Ideas or Bug Reports on SpaceHey! Please use the Group Forum for Bug Reports, Feature Ideas and Ideas for Improvements. If you want to talk a...

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CHECK LIST OF SUSPECTS FORUM TOPIC FOR MORE/NEW INFO!!! Hello!! Welcome to the group SafeHey, where everyone is welcomed and where we fight against creepers on this site!! Rules & purpose Please respe...

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Welcome home!

A fan group for the arg welcome høme! "Well what is welcome home?" Its a arg! A Alternate reality game (iv said arg 3 times!) Website link + stamp! Isn't that great! :> code!:    let me know if it doe...

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Project SAFETY

join | leave | edit | bulletins | forums | members | moderators | banned Welcome to Project SAFETY, a group focused on keeping SpaceHey safe, and keeping its users comfortable and safe as well. This g...

munchkins ☆~(ゝ。∂)🍰 group picture

munchkins ☆~(ゝ。∂)🍰

hey u!! yeah you!! ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。 if ur interested in japanese/korean culture and the kawaii cutecore aesthetic or you're into omori, fnaf, pjsk, ddlc, fnaf, or any similar fandoms, join our group!!  ...

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collect stampz!!!!

do u love stamps?? bc we do!!!! This group is for posting links to blogs with stamps and for posting the ones you made! :D

Internet Adventure Extrao... group picture

Internet Adventure Extraordinaires

This is a group for anyone who likes exploring the net! Report anything fun/interesting you find here--or you could just hang out. Don't feel like you have to be esoteric!

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True Crime Junkies

18+ ONLY!!! A group where you get to share and discuss your favorite true crime stories/conspiracies. ATT: This group is not for romanticizing serial killers and murderers. It is important that you re...

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German speakers

This is a Group for German Speakers. Please write only in German or English languages Bitte schreibt hier nur auf Deutsche oder Englische Sprache. Vielen Dank für euer Verständnis

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ma puddinz

🍟 𝘸𝘦𝘭𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘮𝘢 𝘱𝘶𝘥𝘥𝘪𝘯𝘻 🍓🎸🎧 🦴 ⏝꒷۰꒷⏝꒷۰꒷⏝꒷▸ ִֶָ 𖤐 ࣪˖ ♡゙٬⏝꒷⏝꒷۰꒷⏝ ☞︎ 𖦹• What my gacha server offerz (˶ᵔ ° ᵔ˶) : ╭-ʚ🍒ɞ : ✩ · 𖥔 𖦹 ⁂ 🌙 . ✩  | · 🥩 cutecore theme 💤  | · 🍥 roleplayz 💤  | · 🍓 allied ppl 💤  | · ...

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French - francophone

Forum destiné aux francophones pour pouvoir faire des rencontres entre gens qui parlent français

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Mikey Ghouls

To The MikeyGhouls Group! This is a fan group for all the Mikey Way lovers of Spacehey!  Here you can join to talk about your favorite bassist all day everyday

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HEY HEY HEY!! >:D TALK ABOUT YOUR INTERESTS!! RAMBLE!! SHOW YOUR DRAWINGS!! THIS IS A JUDGEMENT-FREE ZONE (unless your an actual creep, then get the fuck OUT!!! >:T)

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silly group dump!

— Today at your comfy bed.. ✩ ~ -- look who's that! . ✧ . you just joined the silly group dump! ➜ .♡ . this dump isn't a yucky one at all! It's full of all nice things other people want, people can sh...

virtualitos<3 español group picture

virtualitos<3 español

bienbenidx!! est es un grupo para hacer amigos en español edad:13/16

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aroace guyz

Heyy :D This is a group for Aro, Ace or Aroace people!!! plz join T.T/gen

System Safe Space! group picture

System Safe Space!

A Group For D.I.D, OSDD/OSDD-1A/OSDD-1B Systems!  For Alters To Hang Out, Chat, And Have A Good Time! This Place Does NOT  Except None-Traumagenic Systems! 

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For the original 2007 emo kids  We started it all!

Best group of spacehey (p... group picture

Best group of spacehey (pls join)

welcome to this group in this group you can Talk about anything Here the rules of this group 1: be nice 2: no 18+ content 3: no gore And that’s all Have fun in this group

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people who listen to good music and are simply sad. !!!10+ !!! don't be rude or gross and please share you pronouns and/or correct people for calling somebody the wrong pronouns . all hail kuromi our ...

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Welcome to Spacehang! A group for chilled people who actually want to hang, talk, and discuss! This is a group with the purpose of anyone being able to talk about anything in a drama free zone. If you...

Spacehey BRAZIL <3 group picture

Spacehey BRAZIL <3

If you think you're the only brazillian here :P

delusional vampires ♱ group picture

delusional vampires ♱

do not let the emos/scenes die !!! O_o  loving the vampires > < real vampires!! a group for mental ill  persons and to make friendos! :0 JOIN!!!!!!!!!:3 safe space for everyone!, please don’t be rude ...

2000’s Nostalgia ❤️ group picture

2000’s Nostalgia ❤️

This is a group for all the people who love/ miss the early 2000’s also no hate please ^.^

The Amazing Digital Circu... group picture

The Amazing Digital Circus!

Welcome to a fan group for TADC! (tis a wip so I may change the layout again)