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Cats group picture


A place where you can rant about your love for cats, post pictures, memes and more!

Rat People group picture

Rat People

Join this group if you like/appreciate rats, you don’t even have to own any. We all just vibe here and talk about rats and stupid shit, post photos of your rats and talk just don’t be an asshole and w...

Nature and animal lovers group picture

Nature and animal lovers

For all lovers of animals and nature! You can share pictures of your pets, pretty earthly places, or talk anything about nature in general! 

cat lvrs <3 group picture

cat lvrs <3

hihi! this is a group for cat lovers, you can post cat photos or talk about cats! we have some rules: -no angry people, don't take it out on cat lovers -please only keep the conversation about cats or...

Dogs are better than huma... group picture

Dogs are better than humans

This group is for anyone that believes that is true. πŸ˜‚ AKA dog lovers. The rules here are to be NICE and to talk 99% of the time about dogs. πŸ˜‚

Herpers and Reptile Keepe... group picture

Herpers and Reptile Keepers

A group for reptile lovers everywhere. 

Frogs and More group picture

Frogs and More

Hi Froggy friends :] Feel free to post frog pics and memes here! And anything else frog related! Other lil hoppy friends are allowed of course.Amphibians, Reptiles, anything you like!  But the main th...

chris the fish fans c: group picture

chris the fish fans c:

group for people who like my betta fish Chris because i really love him - peterkilledapony

CATS FAN CLUB!!!!!!!!!?!!... group picture

CATS FAN CLUB!!!!!!!!!?!!!

W E L O V E C A T S teehee

ZHARKZ/SHARKS group picture


HELLO^^!!!! Welcome to the zharkz group! Thiz iz for people who like zharks! Feel free to join! i only made thiz becauze there was no zhark groupz! have fun in here! !!RULEZ!! 1. BE NICE!  2. NO HARAS...

Entomology group picture


πŸ•ΈπŸš§πŸ•Έ Under construction πŸ•ΈπŸš§πŸ•Έ

Horse Lovers ❀️ group picture

Horse Lovers ❀️

Calling all horse people! Giddy up! πŸ˜„

Wolf Loverz  group picture

Wolf Loverz

Group only about wolves, moon phases and freedom of wolves. 

Shark Enjoyers  group picture

Shark Enjoyers

A place for all people to talk abt shark species, ask questions about sharks, discuss facts about sharks and more! Rules: no bigotry Racism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, antisemitism, any type of...

The Cult Of Bingus group picture

The Cult Of Bingus

Do you surrender to thy holy bingus. Join the cult,  my binguses holy servent...

LPS Lovers! group picture

LPS Lovers!

This is a group for anyone who loves LITTLEST PET SHOPS!!! Lps are my special interest so I created a group for people who also like lps :)!

Animal lovers group picture

Animal lovers

All animal lovers are welcome to join and share cute animals and pets with everyone .

Pigeons group picture


Pigeons! This is a group where you can talk about pigeons! You can post your epic, legendary pigeon pictures here, and talk about your favorite type of pigeon. (All Columbidae birds are welcome!) Plea...

KITTY LOVERS!!!! group picture


FOR PPL WHO LUV KITTIES!! RULES!!!! 1. dont be mean 2. dont talk bad on other kitties names 3. no nsfw 4. no racism or bullying!!!!

Pitties  group picture


Lovers of the most hated breed, tell me stories of how precious this breed is, and just how misunderstood they are. 

fox appreciation hour group picture

fox appreciation hour

do u love foxes?? are YOU a fox???? this is the group for you!!!!!!!

Everything cats group picture

Everything cats

From Facebook : This group is for anyone who loves cats. Almost everything cat related is allowed, even RIP posts. No animal abuse or selling, please.

Kemono Friends and Zoolog... group picture

Kemono Friends and Zoology!

Welcome/Yokoso! Welcome to Kemono Friends and Zoology ! This group is dedicated to all discussions regarding the Kemono Friends  2017 Anime and or the Multi-media Series & real life animals! All are w...

Dinosaurs! group picture


πŸ¦–Welcome to Dinosaurs! πŸ¦– I made this group for all the dinosaur lovers like me! Or if you want to hear cool dinosaur facts! For your intro just say ur name, age, pronouns, or whatever u want and favor...

Corvid lovers group picture

Corvid lovers

A place for people who like Corvids :) (Crows, Ravens, Jackdaws ect). Please be kind, that’s all