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Hip Hop Nation group picture

Hip Hop Nation

Formerly the Largest Group on 2005 MySpace  HHN, the Hip Hop Nation 

Maggots  group picture


Do you love the band Slipknot? And you want to make friends with a similar music taste? Well you should join this group! Rules Respect others, this is a safe space for everyone ;don't be an ass DO not...

Nirvana Fans group picture

Nirvana Fans

All Nirvana fans are welcome besides bigot asshole who deserve to have their face stomped in and conspiracy theorists who think Kurt didn't blow his brains out. Feel free to join and talk Nirvana or j...

Hatsune Miku / Vocaloid/ ... group picture

Hatsune Miku / Vocaloid/ Project Sekai Fans!

Hii! I don't know how strong the Miku fandom is on here, but I figured I'd give it a shot. Everyone is welcome! also looking for Project Sekai players!! โ™กโ™กโ™ก

Vkei Fans group picture

Vkei Fans

/๐•ท๐–Ž๐–”๐–“๐–Ÿ Hello and welcome to all Visual Kei fans on SpaceHey! I decided to try and make an active group surrounding Visual Kei and other darker-themed J-fashion subcultures, since there are barely any ...

Black Metal group picture

Black Metal

fans of black metal (black metalheads) of any genre such as: black metal: symphonic black metal, epic black metal, raw black metal, black/death metal, gothic black metal, BSDM, NSBM, atmospheric black...

Fall Out Boy fans group picture

Fall Out Boy fans

Welcome to the Fall Out Boy fandom group. Here we worthship our lords and saviors:  Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump, Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley.  This is a safe place and everyone is welcome.  In this grou...

k12 group picture


This is a group for all melanie martinez fans

radiohead group picture


radiohead is pretty good right

mitski fan group ong group picture

mitski fan group ong

chiptune group picture


beep boop! 1. this is an inclusive space in which every1 should feel welcome. that means no bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. 2. do not use slurs against other people, but reclaim...

cassette cult group picture

cassette cult

welcome to the cassette cult !  this is a place for folks who enjoy collecting and creating cassettes. this is a space for sharing tips and tricks, resources and ideas with other tape lovers. even if ...

pierce the veil group picture

pierce the veil

READ RULES BEFORE JOINING Hello this is a pierce the veil fan group, if you love ptv your in the right place come make some friend but please follow rules!!

Obscure, abnormal and out... group picture

Obscure, abnormal and outsider music

Extreme Metal Lovers group picture

Extreme Metal Lovers

This is a group for fans of extreme metal music like black metal, death metal, etc. Join if you want to discuss and share extreme metal. Rules: 1. Don't be an ass.

Real Emo Only Consists of... group picture

Real Emo Only Consists of The.......

Hey you! Do you like 90s emo, Revival, Screamo, Post-Hardcore, or any of the other "real emo" genres? If so this is the place for you. P.S. If you're a scene kid we won't bully you too much

Tally Hall Fan Group group picture

Tally Hall Fan Group

Gorillaz Enjoyerz group picture

Gorillaz Enjoyerz

A place for Gorillaz fans to talk about the band they love!! Rules: -Do not harass anyone for any reason whatsoever, if you do have an issue with someone please let me know though. -be nice in general...

Emo Music & Mood Boost Mu... group picture

Emo Music & Mood Boost Music

Welcome, fellow emo friends. This is a group for sharing and discussing our favorite eno music and mood boost music. Ive found that often the term “emo” is a cool way of claiming mental illness. I mys...



For all of us who love industrial music! From KMFDM to Chemlab talk about your favorite artists!

Drainers !!!  group picture

Drainers !!!

4 fanz of Drain Gang and other sweedish rappers like Sadboys/Yung Lean !!! 

ryan ross stans group picture

ryan ross stans

this is a group for ryan ross stans !! we can talk about his music, our favorite eras, his livejournal posts etc. it’s prolly a stupid idea to make this a group cuz we don’t exactly get much ryan cont...

TYLER THE CREATOR group picture


for those who adore tyler, odd future, loiter squad, or anything in that general area of things

xXX2020_internet_music_cl... group picture

xXX2020_internet_music_clubXXx (๏ฝก•ฬ€แด—-)โœง

Hyperpop/Glitchcore/Noiserap/Hexxd/Nightcore/Surge... All new genres of the current internet music scene. *100GECS*ALICE GAS*ELYOTTO*1800PAIN*DEATH GRIPS*AXXTUREL*DORIAN ELECTRA*MACHINE GIRL*

Deftones group picture


This is a space for a Deftones fans. -Be respectful with the other members. -If you wanna share your favorite music of Deftones you can do it. -Funny.