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scott pilgrim vs the worl... group picture

scott pilgrim vs the world lvrs

For those who like the movie Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, also the comic and game! Made this to talk about it with others, be nice and have fun :)

Stranger Things Fandom group picture

Stranger Things Fandom

Welcome to the official Spacehey group for the Stranger Things Fandom. Let's talk Stranger Things. No unofficial leaks please, and if you have spoilers in your post, please put [Spoilers] in the title...

(un)official serial exper... group picture

(un)official serial experiments lain fan group

the (un)official serial experiments lain group! whenever I looked up lain on groups, I never found anything, so here it is! a place for all and any lain fans to talk about the show, post art, make fri...

object show fans group picture

object show fans

welcome to this object show fans group! please just be respectful and a decent person. put anything about object shows here!

Monster high xx group picture

Monster high xx

Place for totally a-may-zing ghouls, mansters and scareriffic people to hang out and talk about anything Monster high

PonyVille group picture


Welcome to PonyVille! PonyVille is a town in the world of Equestria , the main setting of the series My Little Pony , and home to the Mane 6.  Ponyville is first featured in episode 1  and is the sett...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer group picture

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A group for fans of the 1997-2003 WB/UPN series Buffy the Vampire Slayer .

danonationers group picture


live, love, paul dano! 

Skins UK group picture

Skins UK

Skins Uk A british teen drama, a bit of a messed up show but its very entertaining. If you want to watch it its available on Tubi Rules ! Be kind to anyone matter what Please stay on topic [ Skins UK]...

Supernatural group picture


Here’s a spot for all the supernatural fans! Some people haven’t finished the show so please be mindful of spoilers! Please mention when there will be a spoiler and which season so those who haven’t s...

Madness Combat Fanclub group picture

Madness Combat Fanclub

> 20 YEARS OF MADNESS < Welcome to the Madness Combat Fanclub! This group is all about the web series Madness Combat made by Matt "Krinkels" Jolly . Since 2002, there have been 28 episodes animated an...

Lego Monkie Kid Group group picture

Lego Monkie Kid Group

Hello! Call me Chop, I couldn't find a Group for LMK on the spacehey forum page so made one, feel free to post whatever you'd like [as long as its not gross and has something to do with LMK]

Good Omens Enthusiasts! group picture

Good Omens Enthusiasts!

Hello Everyone! :] I've made this group for all my fellow Good Omens enthusiasts! Here we can talk about the book and the series, as well as the upcoming Season 2!! I'm so excited! This is a welcoming...

Jigsaw Rules [Saw Fan-gro... group picture

Jigsaw Rules [Saw Fan-group]

"I Want To Play A Game" Hello and welcome to Jigsaw Rules!! Jigsaw Rules is a fan group where you can talk about anything Saw related  as well as meet new Saw fans!! you can share theories, prediction...

Total drama fangroup group picture

Total drama fangroup

Just a group for people who like total drama 😁 please be nice and respectful when posting and discussing. 

Community group picture


A Group for fans of the 2009-2015 NBC/Yahoo sitcom Community . Cool. Cool cool cool.

The Irkens (Invader Zim F... group picture

The Irkens (Invader Zim Fanclub)

Welcome to the INVADER ZIM!!!! Fan club :3!! A few rules to acknowledge!; We will not tolerate any discriminatory words/comments. Any mention of explicit topic will require a visible TW Any homophobic...

Marble Hornets  group picture

Marble Hornets

A group for Marble Hornets fans to interact and rant about the series.  

Sailor Moon Fan-group group picture

Sailor Moon Fan-group

♡☆♡Welcome to Sailor Moon Fan-Group, SpaceHey's first Sailor Moon based group! This group is mostly meant for fans of Sailor moon, whether it be the original 90's, the 2014 reboot, the manga, and anyt...

The walking dead fandom  group picture

The walking dead fandom

       The walking dead (2010-2022)       11 seasons                 Network AMC        

Bojack Horseman group picture

Bojack Horseman

for fans of the show "Bojack Horseman"

🎭 The Amazing Digital Cir... group picture

🎭 The Amazing Digital Circus 🎭

This is a group for lovers of The Amazing Digital Circus or TADC!  The Amazing Digital Circus is an Australian-American web series created by American YouTube animator and composer Gooseworx . R U L E...

adventure time (: group picture

adventure time (:

for fans of adventure time! pls be respectful!

JJBA fans group picture

JJBA fans

Star Trekkers  group picture

Star Trekkers

For all those boldly going where no one has gone before.